Personal Statement

From my earliest attempts at drawing to my first experience of the life room as a schoolboy, capturing the human form has been my driving force.  In the past I have questioned whether this was too limiting but have since concluded that there is so much to explore working from the figure.  I could repeatedly draw the same face or body and I will always see something new. 

My other great inspiration is India.  Since my first visit, to Calcutta over 15 years ago, it is a country that continuously fascinates me.  I find the subject matter inexhaustible.  Trying to capture the inner contentment and majesty of the people and conveying the wonderful sensory assault when I am out there are the challenges that keep me returning year after year. 

So whether I am painting a portrait, making an etching of a nude or drawing an Indian man in a Rajasthani landscape, the human figure underpins the whole gamut of my work.